Which Person Owns The Most Gold Privately?

In 2014, the total gold amount held in private hands reached a record high of 1,842.5 tonnes. This was a 20% increase from 2013 and represented the most significant annual increase since the peak of the stock market bubble in 2000. These seven individuals control over half of that amount or 690 tonnes. In this article, we will discuss who they are, how they got to be wealthy, and what their goals are with their wealth.

Which Person Owns The Most Gold Privately?

David Tepper – Appaloosa Management

The largest holder of privately held gold is David Tepper. He is the President and founder of Appaloosa Management, based in New Jersey. In 2014 he purchased over 70% of the shares in LSC Communications, which owned 1.3 million ounces of physical silver bullion (worth over $190 million at the time). Not only is Tepper a large private gold holder, but he is also a significant investor in real estate and hedge funds to approximately $9 billion. Appaloosa Management has over $19 billion in assets under management. Tepper has been a long-term gold bull and even made a gold bet in 2013 with a co-worker, which required him to buy 4,000 ounces of gold if the price fell below $1,400 per ounce. At the time, the bet seemed irresponsible since gold was above $1,600 per ounce, but it worked out fine for Tepper as he made a profit of more than $1 million on that trade.

George Soros – Soros Fund Management

George Soros is a hedge fund billionaire and philanthropist who has made a name for himself since he broke the Bank of England with his short sale of the British pound on September 16, 1992. In 2004 Soros published The Alchemy of Finance, which is considered by many to be one of the best books written on Wall Street. It has had considerable influence on popular culture and created a legacy that has inspired others with its title and Jim Cramer’s book, Real Money. Soros is the 11th richest person in the world, with a net worth of $24 billion. He owns approximately 90,000 ounces of gold and two houses in London valued at over $40 million.

John Paulson – Paulson & Co

John Paulson is also an investor who made his fortune by betting against risky mortgages after the housing market crash of 2008. In 2005 he founded Paulson & Co, which has approximately $26 billion in assets under management. Paulson & Co made $15.6 billion for its investors in 2009 and is the largest hedge fund ever. He employs a full-time staff of 100, spread out between New York, London, and Sydney. Paulson oversees trading from all three locations and makes most of his trades himself. In 2014 he purchased approximately 25% of the shares in LSC Communications (mentioned above).

Ray Dalio – Bridgewater Associates

Ray Dalio founded Bridgewater Associates in 1975, based in Westport, Connecticut. This firm manages $160 billion in assets and has been the most successful hedge fund ever created. It is famous for its unique culture of radical transparency and meritocracy, which allowed it to survive the 2008 crash better than any other company. Dalio has authored numerous books on finance, including his bestseller Principles: Life and Work, which Amazon ranked as one of the best 25 business books of all time—ranked as 100 most influential people in the world by Forbes and a member of the board of trustees at Yale.

Peter Thiel – Paypal co-founder, venture capitalist

Peter Thiel is also a significant investor in gold and was one of the first investors to purchase gold when it was listed on the NYSE in November 2010. Thiel is the co-founder of Paypal, the world’s largest processor of online payments. He was also the founder of Clarium Capital, a $7 billion hedge fund, and Palantir Technologies, a big data software company. Thiel has been referred to as the “Don Quixote of Silicon Valley” and is known for his libertarian beliefs, big thinking, and willingness to take high-risk chances on startups.

Eric Mindich – Eton Park Capital

Notable investors in Eric Mindich’s Eton Park Capital include Bill Ackman (hedge fund manager), Andy Kessler (portfolio manager at Marathon Asset Management), and Glenn Dubin (co-founder of Highbridge Capital Management). Eton Park manages approximately $10 billion in assets. Mindich is heavily involved in philanthropic activities, including establishing a museum for the Woodstock Music and Art Fair held in 1969. He is also on the board of trustees of the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Ray Dalio – Bridgewater Associates

Ray Dalio founded Bridgewater Associates in 1975, based in Westport, Connecticut. This firm manages $160 billion in assets and has been the most successful hedge fund ever created. It is famous for its unique culture of radical transparency and meritocracy, which allowed it to survive the 2008 crash better than any other company.v

Which Person Owns The Most Gold Privately?

How to Own More Gold Privately?

The following is a list of steps to own more gold privately. One of the world’s biggest gold owners noted that “one must be willing to make large bets with no guarantee of success.” This describes what they did in investing in gold during the early 2000s before they decided to make a big bet on gold during the 2008 financial crisis.

The following are six ways that you can start owning more physical gold privately:

Sell Bitcoin and Buy Gold

The people who have made the most money investing in gold have been those that have sold their bitcoins and bought physical gold. The graph below shows us the rise of bitcoin from 2013 to mid-2017. The price of bitcoin exploded from $2000 in 2013 to a high of nearly $19,000 at the end of 2017 (a gain of over 2000%). This is similar to the rise of internet stocks from 1995 to 2000, which created a bubble that finally burst.

Buy Gold as an Insurance Policy Against Financial Collapse or Economic Crisis

If you believe something catastrophic is likely to happen soon, you should consider investing in gold as a hedge against the effects of this possible event. We’re at a historically unique stage of world political history right now. We can see that we are witnessing the dollar’s destruction by those who want to replace it with a new global currency. This is why Germany and other European countries are “gold-bugging” now.

Suppose you buy gold as an insurance policy against a possible financial collapse or an economic crisis. In that case, you should consider purchasing physical gold instead of gold coins or bars.

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Is It Smart To Invest In Gold Right Now?

Gold has been a valuable commodity for centuries, and experts believe it is a wise investment to make right now. Gold prices have been rising lately, and some experts predict they will continue to grow. This article discusses if it is wise to invest in gold right now.

When considering investing in gold, investors should keep several things in mind. It is important to remember that gold is not an investment that will make investors rich quickly. It takes time for gold prices to increase, and investors must be patient if they want to see any significant returns on their investment.

Gold is a volatile investment. Prices can go up and down rapidly, and investors could lose money when they invest in gold when the prices are low. They should only invest in gold when they have prepared for the consequences of the costs going up or down. However, several benefits of investing in gold now make the decision clever.

Is It Smart To Invest In Gold Right Now?

Invest In Gold Right

1. Safe Investment

Gold is a safe investment, and its prices are not affected by economic or political turmoil like other investments, so it can be an excellent way for investors to protect their money from inflation. Gold is a physical asset; investors can hold onto it and use it as currency if there is an economic collapse.

2. Gold is Rare

In this century, gold is a rare commodity. There are only a limited amount of gold mines in the world, the demand for gold is always high, and the price will continue to rise as more people want to buy it.

3. Gold is a Good Investment in Uncertain Times

The current economic and political climate is uncertain, making people nervous about investing their money. Gold is an excellent investment in these uncertain times because it is not affected by these factors. This makes it a haven for their money.

4. Hedge

Gold is often used as a hedge against inflation; when other investments go down, gold prices usually go up. Many investors buy gold when the stock market crashes to protect their money.

5. Portfolio Diversification

Gold is a good way to diversify an investment portfolio; when one investment goes down, the investor will still have other assets to fall back on. This diversification can help them make money in the long run and protect their money from market crashes.

6. Gold Stock Opportunities

Many companies are starting to invest in gold right now. There are opportunities for investors to make money by buying stocks in these companies. The price of the previous gold influences the value of gold stock and can retain its original value after a market crash.

7. Easy to Buy and Easy to Sell

Gold is easy to buy and sell. Investors can purchase gold bullion, coins, or jewelry from various sources and sell them easily. This makes it a liquid investment, meaning they can convert it to cash if needed.

8. Does not Require Much Maintenance

Gold does not require much maintenance. Investors do not have to do anything to it to keep it safe. This makes it a smart investment for people who do not want to worry about their investments. Gold can be stored in various places, including a bank vault, safety deposit box, or home safe.

Is It Smart To Invest In Gold Right Now?

Final Verdict

Contacting a reputable gold IRA company before buying gold is essential to ensure investors get the best possible deal. Investing in gold right now is a smart decision. It is a safe investment and easy to buy and sell. Gold prices are expected to continue to rise, so investing in gold now is an excellent way for investors to protect money from inflation.

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What Should I Invest In Silver Or Gold?

Silver and gold have been the two precious metals to invest in for many years. Unlike silver, which still has a long way to go for its price to catch up with gold, it has gained a lot of popularity, and people are starting to wonder if silver is better than gold. Silver is a fascinating metal. It is widely used for jewelry and many other items. It has a long history of use, dating back to the Bronze Age, and it is still popular today because of its unique color and beauty. Silver has high electrical conductivity, making it the metal of choice for all insulation materials. Silver is scarce in pure form and therefore expensive. Here are ten reasons why investors should buy silver over gold.

What Should I Invest In Silver Or Gold?

Invest In Silver Or Gold

1. Silver is Real Money

Silver is real money. Gold investment is good up until the point that you want to sell it. However, silver will always be considered real money. Silver prices are generally better tied to inflation-adjusted prices of goods and services, making it more useful in day-to-day transactions than Gold.

2. Physical Silver is a Hard Asset

Silver is a hard asset. While Gold is just an investment product, silver is a physical asset that you can hold. This makes silver Investment more valuable as it has much better protection and higher liquidity in case of emergency.

3. Silver is a Better Store of Value

While Gold has enjoyed popularity since its discovery, silver has been around for thousands of years. It was used as money by the Ancient Chinese, Mexicans, and Greeks. This means that it has been tested over generations and proven to be a better store of value than Gold.

4. Silver is more beneficial for Investment as compared to Gold

Silver is more beneficial for Investment than Gold: Unlike Gold, which is used mainly to make jewelry and other decorative items, silver can be used in various industries such as electronics, solar energy designs, or photovoltaic cells. Silver is used in the manufacturing of medical supplies, optical equipment, and for many other valuable purposes. This makes silver a good investment as you can always find a good use for it no matter the situation.

5. Silver is much easier to buy or sell as compared to Gold

Silver is much easier to buy or sell compared to Gold: While some may say that investing in Gold might create a better profit than silver if you’re lucky, the fact remains that silver is much more liquid than Gold. Hundreds of companies only deal with physical silver investment products and large trading floors where you can sell your silver at any time without paying any commission fee or other charges.

6. Silver is at a historic bottom

The silver market is currently at a historical bottom, and it’s a better value than Gold, which has already been inflated for many years due to price manipulation by the central banks. Be among the first ones to buy silver at this low price because the price will go higher in the future.

7 . An Exhaustive Market with No Regulator

There are no regulations when it comes to silver and gold markets. There are no limits to how much you can own silver or Gold. Any prominent investor can always find an outlet that sells large amounts of these precious metals without government permission compared to Gold, where the central banks have imposed limitations on total Investment in Gold.

8. Silver is a Store of Value That Can Be Sold Anywhere

Silver is a store of value that can be sold anywhere in the world: While Gold cannot be easily converted into cash, silver is easy to sell and convert into cash as it’s an asset that can be carried with you everywhere.

9. Most Valuable on Black Market

Most people buy Gold to protect their wealth from inflation, but silver is the most valuable in the barter system. The main reason is that most people don’t deal with Gold daily. Most of the time, people do not know where to store Gold. However, silver is always there. You can easily use it as a currency or swap it with other things. This makes silver the most valuable option for Investment.

10. Silver is Much Cheaper than Gold!

Currently, silver is easier to buy and sell compared to Gold. Gold has been inflated by its powerful central banking group for many years, and its price has been artificially pumped up on the market without any explanation as compared to silver which sits at a bottom right now with an ultimate opportunity to rise further in the future.

What Should I Invest In Silver Or Gold?

Final Verdict

Silver is the better choice of precious metal due to its practical and long-term value. Silver is always in high demand as one of the primary precious metals compared to Gold. It supports medical equipment, photovoltaic cells, and many other industries useful in day-to-day transactions. Silver also has the potential to rise to its historic peak price, which makes it a better option for Investment than Gold.

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Is Investing In Precious Metals A Good Idea?

Precious metals are typically rare minerals and have been used for centuries as valuable trading tools and coins. They include silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. Precious metals are measured in troy ounces, grams, or carats.
Reasons for Investing in Precious Metals

Investing in precious metals is the best method to secure your financial future and grow your wealth over time. Precious metals are not just an investment but a form of insurance against economic downturns. They are also unique assets that can provide stability and growth over time. Here are four reasons why you should invest in precious metals:

Is Investing In Precious Metals A Good Idea?

Investing In Precious Metals

They Are A Long-Term Investment

Unlike stocks or bonds, precious metals cannot be easily manipulated by the stock market. This means they are a more stable investment option providing consistent income over time.

They Are A Good hedge Against Economic Downturns

Precious metals are unique assets because they can preserve value during economic uncertainty. When the economy slows down, demand for physical goods decreases, increasing the price of gold and silver; however, these precious metals remain relatively stable, providing a hedge against inflation and other economic uncertainties.

They Are An Ideal Investment For Retirement Security

Precious metals are a good choice for investors looking to prepare for retirement. The reason is that they tend to be immune to inflation and other market volatility, making them a safe investment for long-term goals.

They Are A Good Way To Protect Your Wealth

Precious metals are unique assets because they are not quickly drained by inflation or other financial setbacks. If you invest in them, you can rest assured that your money will be safe and grow over time.

Benefits of Precious Metals Investing

Precious metals investing is a great way to diversify your portfolio, gain access to inflation-protected assets, and protect your wealth against global financial uncertainty. Here are five reasons why precious metals investing is a good idea:


Precious metals offer investors an opportunity to invest in various assets with varying risks and returns. A portfolio including silver, gold, and platinum offers stability and potential growth compared to a portfolio that only includes stocks or bonds.

Inflation Protection

Gold, silver, and platinum are commodities not subject to inflation. As such, their value tends to rise over time as the population grows more dependent on electronic payments and technology fails to keep up with the increasing demand for goods and services.

Global Financial Uncertainty

The global economy has been volatile recently, making it difficult for many people to invest long-term. Precious metals offer substantial stability and protection against this type of uncertainty.

Wealth Preservation

Precious metals are valuable assets that tend not to decline over time like other investments. This highlights that even if you don’t use the metal for purchase or investment purposes, it will still be worth something when you eventually want to sell it.

Tax Advantages

Precious metals are not taxed as regular income or capital gains, making them a good choice for people looking to minimize their tax burden.

Overall, precious metals investing offers a variety of benefits that can make it an ideal investment strategy for people of all levels of financial sophistication.

Is Investing In Precious Metals A Good Idea?

The Risks of Precious Metals Investing

Precious metals investments are often seen as a safe and secure way to store your money, but this is not always the case. The risks of precious metals investing include the possibility of price volatility, political instability, and theft. In addition, precious metals investments are not FDIC insured, so if you lose money in a precious metals investment, you may have to bear the full brunt of the loss.

Price Volatility

One of the most significant risks of precious metals investing is price volatility. This means that the prices of precious metals can swing wildly, sometimes going up and other times down. This can be very risky for investors, as it can lead to significant losses if the value of their precious metals investments falls significantly.

Political Instability

Political instability can also lead to price volatility and losses in precious metals investments. This is because political conditions can change rapidly, causing the value of gold, silver, and other precious metals to fluctuate. In particular, political instability in countries like Venezuela or Argentina has led to sharp rises and falls in the value of these assets.


Another risk of precious metals investing is theft. This is a common problem with all types of investments, but it is mainly risky with precious metals because they are so easy to steal. If your precious metals are stolen, you may not be able to get them back or receive any compensation for your lost investment.


Precious metals are often considered a safe investment. You will better understand why some people believe it might be a good idea to invest in these assets. However, before making any decisions about whether or not to invest in precious metals, do your research first.

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What Is The Best Gold IRA?

Many Americans are turning to precious metals as a way to save. One of those ways is through an IRA. This may seem like a complicated process, but many websites and advisors can help make the process smooth for you. This article will cover what an IRA is and why it’s desirable. It will also cover some of the best options for your GoldGold IRA, such as Blanchard Karp & Company, LLC or National Financial Services LLC (NFS).

We’ll discuss IRAs briefly: IRAs offer tax-deferred growth on investment earnings. They can be used for various reasons, including retirement savings or even estate planning. Unlike 401(k)s, IRAs do not require an employer contribution. The government will allow you to contribute up to $5000 per year or a total of $2000, whichever is lower. The amount of the IRA is limited only by how much your annual income is and whether or not you are over 50.

The most basic form of an IRA account allows for investment growth in a principal value freely transferable outside the IRA after five years. There are more restrictive forms, but many investors like this form since you can have complete control over your funds at any time and move them over to another IRA account (if you so choose) in future years. This is also the form that offers the most tax benefits.

What Is The Best Gold IRA?

Now that we’ve covered an IRA let’s look at how it relates to precious metals. Precious metals are one of the best ways to save for retirement because they are a relatively stable and secure investment for future generations. Gold, in particular, has historically maintained its value, and there is no danger of bank or government failure with GoldGold (though there IS a possibility of stock market failure). This makes it an excellent option for investing, especially when interest rates are low (which they have been since 2008).

In addition to being an effective saving tool, GoldGold is also an effective means of payment worldwide. It doesn’t matter if the dollar is at 0.01 or 1.00. GoldGold will continue to be valuable for hundreds of years, if not thousands of years.

There are many reasons people want to hold GoldGold, whether it’s for saving or protecting their wealth when there are economic problems and troubles with currency. In a time like this, there is no better way to keep your money safe than by investing in metals like gold bullion since they don’t lose their value when paper money becomes worthless. It also makes sense because it’s a commodity that has supported people throughout history and continues to prove its worth every day.

Many investors go through an IRA account to invest in GoldGold and other precious metals, most notably silver. This allows you to take advantage of the tax benefits that come with an IRA. These benefits include not having to pay taxes on income within the IRA or when you withdraw from it at retirement or retirement age, which can be much higher than your current tax rate.

There are downsides to going through an IRA when it comes to investing in precious metals. One downside is that you must have a custodian for your investments (a bank or investment firm) AND your IRA. That means you must find a company that will not only hold your deposits but also manages your funds.

What Is The Best Gold IRA?

Some companies specialize in IRA investments and make choosing the right company simple. These companies can make the process fast and easy because they handle all tasks.

Another minor downside is that fees are involved in managing the investments within an IRA. These fees can vary depending on your chosen service, but most companies ask for 1% of your account balance yearly, which adds up over time. Many people are okay with this fee because it is low compared to other investment services, but its price tag may put others off.

There are many options for GoldGold and silver IRA accounts out there, and it’s possible to find the best one that best fits your needs. Many choose to go with a company like NFS or Blanchard Karp & Company, LLC, which offer low fees and provide good customer service. Many other companies also provide this same level of service at lower prices and terms, but these companies may not be as well known as the ones mentioned here. If you’re interested in learning more about precious metal IRAs, start by searching on Google and get a feel for what’s available.

There are many reasons to invest in GoldGold and silver as part of an IRA account, but many companies can help you find the best and most efficient way to do so. There are plenty of options, but some companies should be avoided to find the best investment for your needs. This article will help you learn about the different companies and the opportunities they provide to choose a company that fits your needs.

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Ellpolicy and Glitter and Gold?

Welcome to Ellpolicy! Of course, we all know that all that glitters is not necessarily gold. At the same time, you might find yourself a bit surprised and taken aback to discover that some of the stuff that doesn’t glitter is just as good as gold!

Naturally we don’t mean to imply that silver could possibly rival the value of gold, but silver has a ton of value in and of itself – and it’s easier to acquire. You should see the pile of “junk scrap silver” that we have collected over the years without much money into it at all!

At some point in your life, you have likely seen people digging through trash cans searching for aluminum cans. Is that lowly can worth even a fraction of an ounce of scrap silver? No. But, the can is easy for people to find and then turn in for their few dollars in return.

For those people, the cans are valuable. For others, silver is enough. For others, still, they will not be satisfied unless they find themselves sitting on pounds of gold. It’s all relative.

Anyway, just one of those things to ponder as you consider what your own investment strategies might look like. You may not be able to invest in gold. You may be surprised, however, at what you CAN invest in that will suit your portfolio just fine. Time to explore your options!

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